Volunteers // Requirements:

1Must be 16 years of age or older
2For Internship Credits only
3Must live in the SoCal area

To sign up for volunteer work with FDG, please contact Marilen at: marilen@fashiondestinationgroup.com

Fashion Destination Group

27131 Calle Arroyo, Suite 1703
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Phone: 949.436.8652



Our Company

FDG has pioneered a groundbreaking environment that positions your brand in a network where Fashion, Pop-culture and Entertainment meet.

Our Company

FDG is your premier Fashion Industry Promotions Group. We provide the consumers access to the apparel industry, showcasing talents of new brands and established designers. Our core purpose is to unite the apparel business and encourage the collaboration of all sectors of our industry. The goal is to build a global platform through which the world can discover the wonderful business of Fashion.

Brands, product images and messages are positioned within the “FDG Ecosystem”, helping your company generate high-profile publicity to increase your bottom-line. Our Fashion-themed live events attract a wide-range audiences and offer a global reach through social networking. They provide audiences the opportunity to learn about the industry and its partners, such as networking with prominent brands, leaders and newsmakers. By creating multiple paths to your brand, we create the value of your media spend. Some of our promotional elements include Fashion Runway Shows, Industry Awards, Model Castings, Press Conferences and Panel Discussions.


  • Building a global platform for the world to discover the diverse business of Fashion.
  • To Inspire through education and mentorship.
  • To Promote unity in the apparel industry.
  • To Encourage collaborations at all business levels.

"Fashion is the interface between an individual and the world."